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DATE Thursday 11th December 2008
LOCATION Neil's 5.30pm

Present: Tim Flitcroft, Cinzia Cremona and Neil.
Apologies from Marsha, Michaela, Mike and Trevor
Minutes: Neil

Item 3; General CP business We decide to discuss this item first

To discuss: Something about budget ...

There seems to be a waning of interest in Critical Practice
People are to busy come and contributions are dwindling, although many people have moved on to other projects - like children, MA's, emplyment, etc
Is Critical Practice itself sustainable?

Are we suffering from loosing the contribution of Dr. Mary Anne Francis
We have lost a core contributor, could this be replaced?
We could find out whether we can employ someone.

Action: Neil to find out more about paying a member of CP for cordination.
Action: Neil to find out about Library membership for CP members
Action: Neil to find out what responsibilities do Research Fellows in Critical Practice, have towards CP

Kuba is working on the A Market of ... and needs a train ticket from Nottingham to London, to attend the next meeting.
We consented roughly: yes

Item 1: Final statement Draft

To discuss: Does the statement express what this project is about?

The role of the project statement - we think of it as like a tuning fork, to tune the project as it develops.

We discuss Creativity as a resource, it has both positive and negative potentials.

Tim thinks we might have missed something, and will try to add what is missing - especially from some of the discussion pages
Then, after more discussion we decided that actually its all there - in the cut down into, and the Aims and Objectives.

ActionSo, we will trim and then finalize.

We start the mulled wine

We should link to CP's general Aims

social cohesion

Item 2; What next?

To discuss: We need to agree how to proceed, and who is going to do what.
  • 1. contact our partners (we will work on the partner lists and put our names to relevant suggestions and be responsible) - generate more partners
  • 2. case studies, and an Un conference

We discuss starting with a sustaincamp (draft name)
to share knowledge and develop some consensus around the key terms, and generate questions for the workshops.

  • 3. Who does what, we will add our names by suggestions for partners and case studies

- by when Action: 19th January is a deadline for webmaterials

more mulled wine

Item 4: Any Other Business (AOB)


more mulled wine

re-use is better than recycling
collective intelligence, creativity economy

morph to be sustainable

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