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<h2>Minutes</h2> <blockquote><b>DATE</b> Thursday16th October 2008<br>

<b>LOCATION</b> Research Base Room, 6.00pm till 8pm, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank</blockquote>

<b>Present:</b> David Howells, Tim Flitcroft, Cinzia Cremona and Neil. Apologies from Marsha Bradfield<BR> <b>Chair:</b><BR> <b>Minutes:</b> Neil<BR>

<b>Item 1: How to kick start sustainability</b>

<blockquote><b> Discussion:</b> How to kick start sustainability</blockquote> Art is becoming increasingly intangible - like finance<br> The Law of growth - there must always be more (under finance capitalism) Is sustainability to do with growth<br> People are adicted to work, meaning and productivity - especially the social pleasures of work. work, consumption and growth.

In the 'real' economy there is no growth, but moving resources from one place or state to another.

Some points of interest and questions that emerged from the discussion:

  • It is a vast field of inquiry ... what will we focus on?
  • Sustainable ... for how long?
  • Sustainable in relation to money/resources and meaning.
  • What is the relationship between growth and sustainability?
  • Flexibility and Sustainability
  • Means and strands of economic sustainability: we could investigate the positive and negative aspects of each/some of them (public funding, reproducing commercial dynamics, etc.)
  • We could make good use of 'dirty money' = like Esso profits, money generated by activities we don't quite agree with. We could establish a relationship with them and initiate practices that change their practices.
  • Economy of Attention (Herbert Simon)
  • Energy
  • Ethics
  • Generating and nurturing creativity (whatever it is ...)

We felt that for the next meeting we need more time - let's put aside a couple of hours.

ACTION: next meeting: 6 pm, 23 October at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Road

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