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The reflexive discussion of the timeline, timed within the strategy workshops, end-2013, also seemed to me to serve as an internal, oral, audit to a degree of my involvement in various projects.

Interestingly for me, a number of projects I felt very aware of I did not participate in the working group and actualisation of, but the process of bringing these to CP through discussion, as in the timeline, shared the member's there's site-specific experiential knowledge. One Persons Trash is anothers Treasure seemed a good format and length. The two days were manageable and long enough to not only discuss the ideas, experience how to work with others with the material, but also further collaborative relationships.

However, I think for a workshop this short it would be better next time for the project to be partly pre-planned with drawings and awareness of where the material might be as time constraints and differential knowledge and exterior roles otherwise can tend toward side tracking some of CPs model/approach to working together.

So I'd place value on concrete planning by either the masterclass leader and/or working group leader as to the specifics of the project rather than try to plan it as a group then. Regarding Hedge, I valued the efforts made by most of CP and the participants to engage in the work we did with the limited time and materials. I think there's a certain value in respecting what I would view as human nature toward reciprocity in events like Hedge where there are multiple related but essentially individually led workshops/events within one umbrella residency/event. - Scott