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DATE 9th February 2015 @ 6:00
LOCATION Sophaville, Chelsea College of Arts, Millbank

THOSE PRESENT: Amy, Angela, Neil, Kuba, Karem, Marsha, Claire and Morris
APOLOGIES: Metod, Eva and Trish
CHAIR: Marsha
NB: There was no agenda posted in advance of this meeting because the wiki has been down. We drafted one at the beginning of our meeting but the minutes below reflect our meandering discussion...

Item 1: Reportback on market research for the publication
Amy, Eva and Sissu have been meeting up to talk about 'tracing' markets. They’ve been thinking about historical approaches – 'markets' as topic seems very big and wide. They were also thinking about the limits of a market – trust, ritual, voice, etc. And we settled on ‘the history of shelter’ – that includes emotional exchange – we could think of this as a kind of market quality.

We had spoken about the publication being in three sections: (1) building up to the market; (2) research related to markets; (3) documentation of the market…

Karem is interested in the possibility of assembling part of the publication within the market. This could happen during the day. Is this realistic? Where could we print it? Kuba suggests that we may talk to ‘Ladies of the Press’ who are doing instant publishing.

We go on to discuss some of the terms of the publications funding. In particular, it needs to be realised with an 'academic publisher'. Kuba suggests we approach RaRa – they worked with Bloomsbury - and Kuba is well-placed facilitate, as RaRa is out of in Loughborough University where Kuba is currently based.


  • Revisit @ the next meeting. What should Marsha be taking to Malcolm to pitch/discuss with publishers? There's a page developing here...
  • Amy, Eva and Sissu to post their research online (assuming the wiki is up and running again!)

Item 2: Report back on ACE bid
Marsha and Kuba discuss the challenges of writing the bid. It's now complete and with Andreas to review. there are questions about why Andreas is reviewing the bid. In response to this is clarified that a) Andreas kindly shared public works' bid as a model for us to use and so Sherry ours in turn is an appropriately reciprocal going to do, especially as; b) public works will also be making a bid ACE for A project they want to realise in Hackney Wick and it's important that the two bids still clash. We go on to discuss what kind of consultation Andreas might provide. But what if the ACE is unsuccessful and we don't have any money? Will we still be able to pay him? Does it make sense to pay him when our resources are so limited? Perhaps it makes sense to revisit these questions once we have heard from Andreas and/or have a decision from ACE.


  • Revisit @ the next meeting. Has the ACE bid finally been submitted...or?

Item 3: Wiki usage and division of labour...

  • A lot of effort went into writing the ACE. This was undertaken by Marsha, Kuba and Neil to make the process more manageable. The bid has been written in such a way that it prioritises paying people in CP. Consequent of this, the writers requested that everyone who wished to be written into the bid provide a line or two about what they would contribute. Most provided this info but there were a few gaps--followed by excuses. In addition to being frustrating for the bid writers, it's worth thinking about what these gaps mean.

Why weren't these very short statements forth coming? Does this reflect an ongoing issue in the division of labour? Or is the issue rather one related technology? This seems a good juncture to ask whether or not it's feasible to organise the market by way of the wiki. There is rough consensus that this is the way to go. Neil F, Kuba, Amy, Neil and Marsha agree to use the wiki. Claire said she'd benefit from a refresher. Angela needs to be initiated. Karem agrees to make more of an effort. Neil proposes a workshop for wiki newbies.


  • Niel to organise wiki workshop

Item 4: Date for the Market: 11th July 2015

  • We have the Parade Ground confirm for 3rd - 13th July 2015. It is agreed that our main market day will take place on Saturday, 11th July. Please note there are various birthdays around this time: Amy's is on the 5th and Claire's on the 7th.

Item 5: How to handle the Open Call?

  • The market is unfolding through three curatorial bands: 1) invitations; 2) an open call; 3) on-the-day... It's agreed that we need to put together some kind of 'open call' and includes a description of the project, guidelines for a proposal and timeline for the process: when the open call will begin and end, when applicants will be notified, etc.


  • Marsha to start a page on the wiki for putting this together.

Item 6: Press and curatorial packs Wendy Short of CCW has approached Neil and Marsha about putting together some press information. You can find out more by visiting this page. The HARD DEADLINE for this is 27th February.


  • Everyone to feed into the page by 26th February; Marsha and Claire will finish this up and submit to Wendy by 27th February.



Item 4: TITLE



Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)




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