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The difference between a 'strategic plan,' a 'business plan' and an 'action plan'

From Metod (6.12.2013)

All three would involve or provide some sort of product or service or combination of the two. CP, as an art collective, is providing a sort of service (rarely a product unless we have a publication).

  • I don't think we have a business (in general terms). If we had one, we would be generally speaking about some sort of economic returns, and/or financial and other kind of growth. We seem to be aiming for sustainable or steady production of ideas and its executions.
  • Action plan to me is more immediate to tackle an immediate but specific issue or problem. For instance a fire department may create an action plan how to tackle a forest fire. Afterwards the plan is complete.
  • Strategic plan is more geared towards a long term, but not necessarily rigid plan of activities, meaning the plan may change if course of events or interests develop in a specific direction. This seems to me more like the way we operate.

How does CP thinking about 'critical' and 'practice' as well as 'critical practice'?

Are we forming systems of evaluation that re-think methods for valuing, or that create values (which give worth) and thinking about what this worth is?