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Well, I've hacked it down because I though it was to waffly, but probably too much. Maybe it needs more description.......--Neil 09:26, 5 April 2011 (UTC)


Sharon 3.4.11
I would like to contribute today by sharing some of my thoughts on the Tokens/CP bank idea. Perhaps some of the following could be incorporated more formally into the final proposal document.

I think that art has the capacity to help us to increase awareness and thus create the possibility for change to take place. As a group Critical Practical can facilitate this process and create opportunities for us, the collaborators and the audience to have a dialogue with each other and with the work and to possibly experience something outside of our routines. It is through this escape from our usual habits that I think gives the viewer and artist the opportunity to reassess our routines and change the quality of our experience.

At the meeting, we discussed the idea of working within the biennial system to highlight tensions rather than going against it. One idea was having a token system where participants were given a token when they purchased a ticket for the Biennial (potentially a limited edition Critical Practice token) which they then could choose to donate or contribute to a scheme where the token goes on to have a social effect or charitable contribution in some way. We used the Waitrose charity token scheme as an example.

I have already discussed with some of you my attempts to define the criteria that an artwork of a participatory nature needs to meet to be able to have the potential to create possibility for change and to have an effect on Everyday LIfe. At the moment I have the following thoughts:

- include an element of generosity

- encouraging awareness through the interruption of routines

- collaboration with individuals or a diverse group of people

- working outside of a gallery environment preferably in a local community

- sharing knowledge and skills

I think that the token scheme successfully incorporates some of these themes.

Include an element of generosity Personally, this is an important element. Generosity has a way of subverting recognised systems because on the whole people don't expect it, thus generosity is a good way of interrupting a routine. By giving the token we are giving away an object that has an assigned value (as an art object) and then inviting the receiver to reconsider that value and transform it from an artistically valuable artifact to an item with an intrinsic value that can be donated to create/have an effect on something or someone else.

Encouraging awareness through the interruption of routines

- we are challenging the 'normal' idea of the museum/art institution as keeper of valuable art objects by giving away limited edition "art"

Collaboration with individuals or a diverse group of people - We discussed the fact that potentially a certain type of person goes to an international art event such as the Biennial but we could also work with those who are involved in working within the Biennial. The people whose work goes unnoticed, ticket sellers, cleaners, invigilators, cafe staff etc. We could also take the Biennial out of itself and find ways of taking the Biennial to those people who might not, or can't buy a tickets or who wouldn't necessarily think of visiting the Biennial. This also ties in with the other points of working within a community, sharing knowledge and skills and working with each other.

Metod 3.4.11
We are talking about agoras. I guess this is again a terminology use, but I was thinking about forums. The two terms are very similar first Greek, second Roman. Though as I understand they both had a market function (a place to meet, trade, and debate), but Forum seems more accessible as a term because it is widely used online today. Is this terminology a concern at all?

Here you can read more on Agora and Forum. andسوق_عكاظ