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February 1, 2013
Hi Neil:
Great work on the wiki page for our 'Waste Introduction'...
But I have a couple of questions and thought I'd exercise this discussion space to put them to you...
(1) Why did you select smaller images than the ones I linked to? I ask because I chose that size so that we could see some of the detail in the engravings (they're fantastic images). However, if you have a better reason for minimizing them, I would like to know it.

I thought they took up too much space, cramped the text and made the page messy. If you want them big, why not make another *Flyer* page?

(2) Also, I think it would be good to understand your system of capitalisation. I know it differs from mine. I'm no grammarian, but I would say that 'environmental lawyer' should not be capped...but I know you favor then why not cap both 'Economic' and 'geographer'? What am I missing here?

Nothing, I'm rubbish at grammar.....I'm more instinctive than rule bound. It's not an issue for me.

I ask these things because I've tweaked your text and you've tweaked it back...and I've tweaked it back again...and then I thought to myself, 'Well I don't want a wiki war unnecessarily' I'll tweak it back to Neil's preference and ask for some clarification...and maybe we'll evolve our wiki etiquette and/or practice a little along the way?

No chance of a *wiki war* over grammar with me, can't be bothered. Ideology yes, grammar no.

P.S. Except I can't dig 'noperson,' which is surely a typo anyway. If you don't like 'no one,' 'no person' it will have to be! ;)

trying to be creative, one day *noperson* will be a word

best --Neil 21:32, 1 February 2013 (GMT)