Third Meeting Agenda

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ITEM 1: Accept and comment on the minutes from the last meeting

(no one actually added/edited Cinzia's stuff)

ITEM 2: Discuss Cinzia's video

(discussed: We agree it might be a good discussion starter for the forum)

ITEM 3: Marsha to distribute tickets and ask everyone to check the times/dates are okay

(We decided that Marsha would keep them)

ITEM 4: Return to ITEM 3 on Meeting Two Agenda: Jem's schedule

(This was only briefly discussed. Some collaborators feel good about sticking to the schedule; others are interested in toggling between different aspects)

ITEM 5: Return to ITEM 5 on Meeting Two Agenda: What's our research question/questions"

(See minutes: The question is in bold)

ITEM 6: Discuss Latour's "Fouth notebook" designed to register the effects of the written account on the actors.

(We should think/discuss how this pertains to the project.)

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