Waste brokers

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Coordinators: Marsha and Sharon

Please suggest possible waste brokers here...

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The Brokers
Nominatee CP Nominator Type of Value Description The Place Enthusiasm
Rosie Oliver

- (contacted; date TBC)

Marsha Waste (?)
Rosie will lead a tour...

Rubbish Trip

This 2 mile trail winds past dumps and over landfills, encounters castaway communities, and takes in the sounds and smells of the city's waste. Mudchute DLR station by the entrance to Platform 2: see map. End: Greenwich, by the Cutty Sark ship. MB: 5/5
NC 5/5
KS: 2.5/5 (as I cannot work on it)
SB 5/5
KI 4.5/5
Angus Cameron Marsha the value of excess/surplus?
Economic geographer Angus Cameron worked with Goldin and Senneby to produce an audio work for Manifesta 9 on Bataille and also spoke about Sovereignty in front of a cage of Barbary Macaques at London Zoo
NC 4.5/5
KS: 2.5/5 (as I cannot work on it)
SB 5/5
KI 4/5
Bradley L. Garrett Kuba Value of liminal spaces and urban dereliction?
Bradley L. Garrett is an urban explorer and holds a PhD in social and cultural geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. For the past three years, Bradley has been doing ethnographic research with a group of urban explorers in the United Kingdom, working to unveil derelict or closed areas and liminal zones of the urban environment normally hidden from view. Using photography and video, Bradley has documented the urban infiltrations of the London Consolidation Crew into the city’s transportation, water, electricity and tunnel networks.
TBC TBC KS: 2.5/5 (as I cannot work on it)
SB 5/5
NC 2.4/5
KI 2/5