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Question: Could our wiki work better and if so, how?

  • Q: Is there a reason why we can't upload PDFs, Word Docs and other file types? (We can do images, though (png, gif, jpg, jpeg).) Is it to avoid spam? Would we like upload other types of files. Or should we host these remotely and link? Google docs is good for this.
A: One of the reasons is that we would probably need to install a plug-in. But there is a problem and the reason why we are only limiting our wiki to the mentioned files. Pdf's and other file size heavy formats are gonna quickly clog up our server and then we won't have the wiki. Metod
  • Q: A CP gmail calendar has been created and shared around. We should be able to site this calendar directly on our mediawiki. Is this something that we'd like or are we happy with individual access?
Comment: I would have imagined we would keep it private and important dated post on the wiki. Metod
  • Q: Alongside our wiki, are we ready for a descent Critical Practice portfolio online that is NOT CP wiki? A portfolio what is not based on a wiki engine, but engine such as WordPress. No one can read our wiki and I mean no one, not even some of the members including myself (Metod) can read or find stuff if I don't know specific projects etc. If there is enthusiasm there are a few things to consider: a new domain name, server/host separate from UAL (crucial!!), design, what projects are going on and how are they presented, profiles of active members, mission statements etc. This would push our online presence immensely.
  • Q: Would it be useful to get daily email logs when pages are added or edited on our wiki? Most of us miss additions or edits unless pointed at them, as we are not on the wiki all the time. This is another plug-in we may explore.

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