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Questions about the relationship between practice and labour

  • What's the relationship between 'labour' and 'practice' and how do these things constitute each other?

Questions pertaining to CP's research on value

  • On our Research on Value page, we talk about one of the aims of our research being to raise the profile of CP. Do we have targets? How will be measure this?
  • On our Research on Value page, we make reference to Walter Benjamin's interest/approach to value. This feels a bit vague to me? In what ways might Benjamin enable our evaluative processes?

Questions pertaining to how we're thinking about 'value' as well as methods of 'evaluation'

  • Emotionally durable design is usually discussed in relation to objects. But could we also think about it relation to concepts/structures? I'm interesting in EDD as a way of valuing relationships.

Questions generated through or related to the AHRC bid

  • Assuming that we're applying The Capabilities Approach to cultural production...does this mean that well-being takes pride of place and if so, what happens to creativity? Is well-being the right thing to be measuring in this context? Is creativity the wrong thing? What has funding tended to measure instead? This opens up big questions about assessment...
  • What's the relationship between evaluation and institutional critique?

Questions related to how 'my' research is developing in relation to CP's

  • How to imagine these things as mutually constitutive? Perhaps think of this relationship in terms of boundary object?

Questions related to my interest in subjectification

  • Recognizing that subjectificiation is something that I'd like to focus on in my more independent research practice, how am I thinking about this term and what resources would shape/support this understanding?

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