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A basic income promises to provide the life-long economic security that helps safeguard other democratic rights. Normative reasons supporting the fundamental right to a basic income include: Increased Citizen Autonomy, Gender Equality, Political Inclusion, Social Stability & Cohesion, Economic Efficiency, Preventing Poverty -

This stall was interested in the concept of Basic Income and the position of those that lobby for welfare reform. It featured as an adjunct to the Well-being stall. As an economic model for a social problem Basic Income is a confounding mix of monetarism and socialism. It (along with other welfare reforms in the political backwater of Work and Pensions) has barely been researched, let alone tested. It's civil application may hold relevance for groups, collectives, small organisations and other stakeholder groups as much as notions of 'state'.

Responses to the stall

  • In Italy Mussolini punished families for having 3rd and 4th children. Italy's population (along with it's economy) is currently in decline so the government has introduced financial incentives for families to have 3rd and 4th children. Child Benefit is a form of Basic or Guaranteed Income.
  • Have you heard of MOS? (a French social/welfare campaign of some sort)


Basic Income Earth Network

Citizen's Income Trust

Research material is collected here.