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Some Critical Practitioners have decided to take up an invitation to contribute a 'micro-event' to Visions in the Nunnery 2008. The exhibition is scheduled to run from the 5th - 15th June 2008 at the Bow Arts Trust, London. The duration and nature of our contribution is up for discussion, though we have submitted an outline for the funding application.

So far the general interest seems to be the relative openness of the open call and critique of the conventions of moving image exhibitions in galleries.

Working Group: Trevor (coordinator), Neil, Marsha, Robin, Tim, Cinzia Minuted meetings: 7th January 2008 (links to old site). Next meeting TBC.


2-6pm, Sunday 8th June

Critical Practice propose to work with the artists in the studios, and those artists that submitted work to the exhibition as the audience.

For our contribution to Visions in the Nunnery, Critical Practice intends to move the productive commentary, dialogue and criticism associated with domestic moving image participation, to the habitually more quiet, singular and passive spectatorship of art gallery consumption. We will collectively engage moving image ‘open’ submissions, in the spirit of productive spectatorship.

2 - 5pm: A screening of submitted films or clips – self-produced, home movies, hollywood classics, phone mpeg’s, etc – max. 10mins – accompanied by discussion and commentary by clip proposer and audience/participants.

5 – 6pm: General discussion – the space of production, co-authorship, shared-spectatorship.

We will need, sofas, popcorn and crisps, soft drinks, etc Personal contributions to the event:
Time 200 pounds x 4 CP persons = 800 pounds
1000 announcement and invitation = 635 pounds

See also http://www.bowarts.org