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Marsha Bradfield - Portfolio

Why present this portfolio on the Critical Practice wiki?

As an online space for collaborative working, this wiki embodies an ethos of reflexive peer-to-peer exchange through open source technology. This seems to complement the spirit of the TechArt Fellowship.

Slick portfolio websites are a dime a dozen. This wiki may be clunky but it holds more than a decade of rhizomatic planning and documentation that tracks the development of many projects, including those of mine developed as part of Critical Practice but also beyond.

Please find below some examples, shared here in support of my application CoLab 2020. Click on the links for information on each one. This is a partial archive. More examples of practice available upon request.

MOMA Anti-fascist Assembly

Incidental Unit - Third Iteration of Artist Placement Group
Nic 3.jpg

Tate Exchange - Producing Future Homes and Communities
Producing Future Homes and Communities 1.jpg

TransActing: A Market of Values
DSC 0498 (1).jpg

Mining the Archive
8233422840 ccd552e52c c.jpg
Hedge: Walking, Talking, Value, Geography and Social Organisation in Scotland

Mining the Archive
Money Space Art 2010.jpg

Mining the Archive
IMG 0829.jpg
Csepel Research Exchange - London + Budapest

Mining the Archive
Free/Slow University Warsaw Summit, Warsaw

Mining the Archive
IMG 1367.jpg
Barcamp at Alternativa, Gdansk

Mining the Archive
Matadero model.JPG Residency at El Ranchito, Madrid

Mining the Archive
PWB PT 8.jpg
Precarity: A People's Tribunal

Mining the Archive
Alison from the Back.jpg
A workshop with Allison Knowles

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Dr Marsha Bradfield rides the hyphen as an archivist-artist-curator-educator-researcher-writer. Her practice explores the subject of interdependence. This spans authorship, organisational structures and the economies/ecologies of collaborative cultural production.

Marsha works with groups including Critical Practice Research Cluster, Precarious Workers Brigade and Incidental Unit (formerly the Artist Placement Group and O+I). These collaborations often result in understanding that Marsha re-presents in publications, exhibitions, performative lectures and other remixes. 

Marsha has been based at Chelsea and Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts London) for more than a decade and currently teaches across art and design from BA through PhD. She was born in South Africa, raised in Canada and has lived and worked in London, UK since 2006.