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:'''Doris Koch'''-http://www.kochscheine.de/aktivitaumltsmeldungen - Karem
:'''Doris Koch'''-http://www.kochscheine.de/aktivitaumltsmeldungen - Karem
:'''Haben Und Brauchen'''-http://www.habenundbrauchen.de/en- Karem
:'''Haben Und Brauchen'''-http://www.habenundbrauchen.de/en- Karem
:'''Hollybush Gardens/Lisa Psnting and Malin Stahl''' art dealers - Sissu
:'''Hollybush Gardens/Lisa Panting and Malin Stahl'''-http://hollybushgardens.co.uk/ art dealers - Sissu

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Coordinator: Neil Cummings, Marsha Bradfield,
Members: Amy McDonnell, Karem Ibrahim, Blanca Regina, Trish, Eva, Claire, Sissu, Catherine

#TransActing: A Market of Values
Saturday, 11th July 2015, 12 - 5pm, Chelsea College of Arts

This bustling pop-up market will feature artists, designers, civil-society groups, academics, ecologists, activists and other minds exploring existing structures of evaluation and producing desirable alternatives. Organised by Critical Practice, #TransActing is taking place on the historic Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground and will showcase skillshares, repair hubs, hacklabs, an auction, blood and food donation banks, expert and enthusiast knowledge, an estate agent, freegan food and other resources. These diverse forms of value production will animate economies beyond the financial.


Blood Donation As stall where a [blood bank] is in operation, gift economies - Neil
Eleanora Belfiore - researcher into cultural values, and director of Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value - Neil
Angus Cameron - finance, ofshored value, zenospace and the spatialisation of communities of evaluation - Neil
Bret Scott - The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance, hacking money, occupy finance and digital currencies - Neil.
The education market and the marketization of knowledge - Representative from CCW, Occupy School, Open School East and (Amy could invite Maurice from The Islington Mill Art Academy - Neil
Ethical investment, divestment David Cross - Neil/Marsha
GoodGym Get fit and do good, a virtuous community co-founded by CP co-founder Ian Drysdale - Neil
Permaculture Association a representative or a qualified trainer there are several in London some are also artists - Neil F
CASSE – Centre for the Advancement for a Steady State Economy – Desmond Kilroy is director of the London Chapter - Neil F
Ubuntu – Canonical – Representative to show case their business model & products and also the Ubuntu ethos - Neil F
Embodied Thinking Processes – Dafne Louzioti (Gr/UK) – Based on a combination of evidence from Contact Improvisation as well as Capoeira and Tai Chi, examining changes in perception of space and proprioceptive as well as the new relationship one develops to surface and the potential for action in relation to it. ~ Metod
In a Free Matter: Balancing – Ruobing Wang (Sg) – Interactive installation dealing with food. ~ Metod
Open Values – Taja Topolovec (Si) & Metod Blejec – A platform showcasing early stages of values visualized as icons. ~ Metod
Peripatetic Walk (Walk&Talk) – Scott Schwaher & Metod Blejec ~ Metod
Tarrot Card reader - Eva
Tal Drori - she has recently carried out this project in a museum in Rome where they have been, by printing on EURO, asking whether this act makes money gain or loose in value. Tal is very up for working with us and developing templates for printing on £. She has also been talking to Lily Cole who with her Impossible project is interesting in working with Tal. Tal is happy to either bring Lily in or not - Eva
Richard the Guerilla Gardener - I have known Richard for years. He has been very active in the Heygate estate and elsewhere. I have spoken to him and he is very much up for it. - Eva
People's Bureau - aspects of why I think this might be interesting for the market: it is about skills exchange, sustainability, existence of different economies, and also being funded by firstly Tate and now Delancey (the developer in E&C). - Eva
Noortje Marres Issue Mappinga set of digital techniques for the detection, analysis and visualisation of topical affairs - which 'issues' are being clustered around and viewed as valuable? How are these values being communicated? - Amy
Therapist to talk about emotional exchange and valuing - Amy
The Pizza LaundryEthical Pizza van - Amy
Johnathan Levin Expert in virtual currencies - Amy
Food Bank As part of Amy, Claire and Karem's research on the way that food is circulated and exchanged (sold, gifted, scrumped!, etc) - Amy
Catija de Hass- http://catjadehaas.com/- Karem
Arne Hendriks-http://www.the-incredible-shrinking-man.net/ - Karem
Doris Koch-http://www.kochscheine.de/aktivitaumltsmeldungen - Karem
Haben Und Brauchen-http://www.habenundbrauchen.de/en- Karem
Hollybush Gardens/Lisa Panting and Malin Stahl-http://hollybushgardens.co.uk/ art dealers - Sissu

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