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A-B-C #TransActing: A Market of Values

Some general notes:

• We selected terms that would allow us to discuss relevant ideas and other key terms, hence the list of words in black (only suggestions, not prescriptive) after the glossary voice in red. Naturally, discussions will overlap and refer to each other (see also ...).

• We have some ideas of who could write about certain terms. Some of us have already volunteered (names in bracket). Please, choose terms that you feel enthusiastic about expanding on. Kuba, would you write about Indebtedness and related concepts? And we would love it if Neil C could write about Market.

• We decided that the idea of LABOUR will be distributed throughout the different voices. Please, keep this into account if you decide to write a section of the glossary. Similarly, it seems to us, TRANSACTING will be tackled under several terms, although it also has its separate definition. ALTERNATIVE seems also to be relevant to almost all terms.

• We understand definition in the widest sense of the word!


The publication working group.

TransActing Term CP definition
A Autoprogettazione
A Autoprogettazione
A Autoprogettazione
Amy Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation [1] (1988) 99 mins (just scene 1 is my suggestion) Energy, movement, environment Godfrey Reggio
Amy Muerte de un cyclista [2] (1955) 88 mins (could just show the famous opening scene) Class, bicycles, melodrama Juan Antonio Bardem
Sissu Jour de fête (1949) 1.44 mins Bicycle autoride Jaques Tati
Sissu Astro Boy / Mighty Atom (Tetsuwan Atomu ('52-'68)Extract Birth of Atom 5.28–7.09 Osamu Tezuka
Sissu Turn On (2004) 3:33 mins Unemployment, energy, labour, Adrian Paci
Sissu Fathom (2013) 21 mins Sharon Whooley and Pat Collins
Sissu Lessons of Darkness (1992) 54 mins oil, energy, destruction, post-war, hell Werner Herzog
Sissu Phonokinetoscope (2001) Cycling, LSD, movement, kinetophonograph, Rodney Graham

A Autoprogettazione (Cinzia), Aesthetic, Creativity, DIY, Making, Materials, Open Source, Production, Self-
B Barter BYO, Economy, Mutual, Peer-to-peer, Reciprocity, Swap, Transaction
C Currency Accumulation, Art, Commission, Distribution
C Community of Evaluation (Amy) Community, Ethics, Evaluation
D Desire (Cinzia), Difference, Interlocutor, Individual, Joy, Need, Personal, Play, Voice
E Economy Betting, Branding, Capital, Enterprise, Exploitation, Exchange, Finance, Investment, Income, Margins, Money, Outsourcing, Profit, Speculation, Taxation (Offshore, Evasion)
F F(r)ee/F®ee Expenses, Fairness, Fee, Free, Funding, Grant, Job, Paid, Precarity, Salary/Stipend, System, Unpaid, Work, Worker
G Governance Bureaucracy, Control, Conflict, Consensus, Elite, Exclusion, Group, Hierarchy, Organisation, Power, State
H Hospitality (Amy), Food, Non-for-profit, Wellbeing
I Indebtedness Borrowing, Credit, Debt, Lending, Poverty, Want
J Join (Marsha), Collective, Collaboration, Participation, Together
K Know-how Knowledge, Skill, Information, Data
L Listening (Amy)
M Market Consumption, Consumerism, Emergence, Global, Local, Market Value, Product
N Network Social
O Offer (Cinzia), Care, Contribution, Donation, Giving, Gift, Generosity
P Public Access, Commons, Public Space, Public, Private Property
Q Quid pro quo (Sissu), Mutual, Peer-to-peer, Reciprocity
R Resources Conservation, Disposable, Ecology, Preservation, Recycling, Reuse, Repair, Resilience
S Stall Aesthetics, Attention, Auction, Buying, Client, Customer, Sharing, Sensibility, Specialization, Selling, Shonky
T Transacting Experience, Fraud, Ownership, Transaction, Bank
U Usership (Marsha), Use Value
V Value(s) System, Value, Valuating, Valuing, Value Added
W Waste (Sissu), Art, Sustainability, Wealth
(X) Love (Sissu), Friendship, Accountability, Gifting, Texting, Self-referentiality of language, Non-representational politics of exchange, Affectionate business model
Y Yield (Sissu), Gain, Growth
Z Zero Carbon

Alternative, Advertising, Action, Advocate
Conversation, Critical/critique, Charity, Choice
Education, Event, Equality
Image, Independence
J, Juice, Justice, Jostle
Labour, Law, Loss, Left
Morals, Mapping, Mediation
New, Neo-liberal
(Private) Property, Public, Promise, Propaganda, Project, Politics, Possession, Protest
Quest, Question, Quality, Quantity, Quantitative, Questionable, Qualities
Right, Reflection, Ritual, Research
Solidarity, Support, Status, Service, Serving, Scarcity
Transacting, Touch, Theft, Time, Trade, Toolbox, Trust
You, Yes

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