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Working meeting in Dortmund, Germany 7. – 9. July 2012

Working Group Coordinator: Metod Blejec
Working Group:


CP has been invited to participate at the "Industrial Festival 2013" (working title) – an interdisciplinary festival concerning notions of industrialization era in the region and internationally, post-industrial condition and future tendencies regarding the industry.

CP's involvement had been possible on Kuba's recommendation to Hartware MedianKunstVerein HMKV based in Dortmund and got involved from the first meeting for working and brainstorming session towards the "Industrial Festival 2013" (working title). The festival had been initiated by HMKV artistic director Dr. Inke Arns, Fabian Saavedra-Lara (an independent curator) and Thibaut de Ruyter (an independent curator).

Meeting has been possible by support of Polish Institute in Germany.

Meeting participants

Dr. Inke Arns, HMKV artistic director // DE // Role: overall festival artistic director and co-curator of an exhibition
Frauke Hoffschulte, HMKV Managing Director // DE // Role: festival management
Thibaut de Ruyter, independent curator // DE/FR // Role: co-curator of an exhibition
Fabian Saavedra-Lara, independent curator // DE // Role: curator of an exhibition
Kuba Szreder, Critical Practice + Free/Slow University Warsaw // PL/UK // Role: curator of artist commissions
Janek Sowa, Free/Slow University Warsaw // PL // Role: co-organizer of the conference
Michał Kozłowski, Free/Slow University Warsaw // PL // Role: co-organizer of the conference
Metod Blejec, Critical Practice // UK/SI // Role: Market coordinator

Meeting 7. July 2012

After driving from Documenta 13 (Kassel, Germany) we arrive to Unique Hotel in Dortmund where we are welcomed by Inke, Frauke and Fabian. We check in and leave for dinner in Kyoto Japanese restaurant. We make a provisional plan for Sunday 8. July.

After dinner we go to a nearby bar for a concert and a well deserved drink after several days in Kassel.

Meeting 8. July 2012

This first working session is aimed to getting to know the local industrial sites, mainly coal and steel.

We meet at 9am in a hotel lobby and depart to a car rental.

First destination is a reconstructed post industrial site Zeche Zollen II/IV – a coal mining industry.

Meeting 9. July 2012

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