Latitude Festival – 1st Meeting

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Latitude Festival – 1st Meeting Notes

Charlotte and Metod meet outside Covent Garden Tube Stn at 4.30pm Friday 8. 4. 2011.

We reconvene on a bench in a busy Convent Garden square and talk over the pitch to Latitude Festival. We talk over the particularities such as budget (outlining approximately £2200 for the execution of the Huntorama project with costs for travel, per diem, fees, production etc.)

We divide sections of the pitch and feel confident about it (!?!).

We meet with Ellen (Charlotte's colleague) outside Festival Republic across form Royal Opera House. We meet with Tania who organizes Latitude festival (and many other festivals throughout the year including the Big Chill Festival).

Tania starts with "vocal brainstorming" re student's involvement at the Latitude festival and discusses particularities with Ellen in depth.

Tania continues to jump from one topic to another, while she introduces the Latitude festival through less-than-quality pictures in a picture folder. Though we get a good glimpse of the festival offers with Tania's incredible vivid explanation of each of the stages that she is proud to be offering to a public year after year.

She talks about different stages and their particularities, and emphasizes the "Forest Far Away" where she sees our project to take place. The theme of the "Forest Far Away" this year is "Winter's Ball" including Christmas dinner, Midnight mass, New Year's countdown, Cinderella and many more. The "forest" is approximately 120m in diameter.

Although the "forest" seems an amazing place to be and hover, it is in a "thick" forest, Charlotte and Metod have some reservations to be localized to a small(ish) portion of the festival. Though is it treu that the "forest" is very busy and active. (Ellen later identifies that maybe we need to accommodate Tania's ideas in succeeding in our proposed project. Charlotte and Metod agree to an extend.)

Metod introduces Critical Practice and briefly outline the proposed project – Huntorama – to Tania and Ellen. Tania immediately sees the potential in our project as a catalyst to bond various events happening in the "Forest Far Away".

Charlotte goes to particularities, although we both silently realize that our super budget won't fly, and don't even talk about it. (Though when Metod asks about design and promotion of our Hunterama Tania sees no problem in providing funds to print leaflets and final list of desired items.)

Tania mentions Batersea festival and points out one of their events which seems to be best described as treasure hunt. (This is yet to be confirmed!!)

Tania talks about schedules. Events on Saturday, when we are hoping to throw our Huntorama, are running between 10.30am and 1am. There is potential power available, depending how flexible we are. Also there are two screens available to use, but we should mention that after the programme finishes at 1am. We are yet to negotiate details.