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'...a Congress on methods of engagement with European affairs and the construction of a pan-European cultural avant-garde.'

Critical Practice will host How to Make Europe Dream? A Cultural Congress as part of this year's London Festival of Europe.

Here is the programme of the festival so far. The website for last years festival is available here.

We are working on a Market of Ideas. Next meeting: Monday 18th Feb 6.30pm, Green Room, Chelsea College, London - to discuss event and propose 'stalls'. See minutes: 21st January 2008, 30th January 2008 and a few notes towards 11th February 2008 - an informal discussion with some invited economists.

Working group: Isobel Bowditch (co-ordinator: Chelsea/LFoE), Trevor Giles (co-ordinator: Market), Neil Cummings, Cinzia Cremona, Alexander Page, Mary Anne Francis, Joe Balfour

Overview of CP contribution to Congress

Bernard Stiegler, 6th March 2008

Bernard Stiegler will present the opening lecture – Towards a European Way of Life – at 6.30pm, 6th March, Chelsea College of Art & Design in the lecture theatre.

CP are hosting the Bernard Stiegler talk. The organisers are keen to have dialogue with art practitioners as well as those from philosophy. Stiegler is one of the interviewees in the film The Ister which was screened at the first [http:/ Thinking Through Practice] event. A copy is in Chelsea library. In this he speaks eloquently about his thinking around the question of technology in Heidegger
Bernard Stiegler is happy to make a recording of the talk available in the public domain and will make the text available beforehand. Niccolo Milanese will host/chair the talk but really wants the audience to participate in questions particularly from different perspectives. So this would be a really good opportunity to discuss any burning questions you may have.

Stiegler link: Ars Industrialis. Some of it is in English and some in French (articles and so on).

How to Make Europe Dream? A Cultural Congress, 15th and 16th March 2008

Time: 12.30 - 7pm, Location: the Banquet Hall and the Red Room, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London.

London is potentially a heart for a European cultural avant-garde. It is one of the most culturally active and cosmopolitan places in Europe.
Yet it is also the capital of what is often portrayed as being one of the most Euro-sceptic of nations.
As part of the London Festival of Europe 2008, European Alternatives will invite the most innovative of young European cultural organisations, artists and writers to London for a Congress on the future of artistic culture in Europe. The Congress will provide an opportunity for organisations and individuals with artistic and political backgrounds to exchange outlooks and pose the question of the relationship of politics and the arts in Europe.

The Congress will be composed of four roundtables and two public evenings over two days. See programme.

'What has economics got to do with culture?', 1pm – 4pm 16th March

Markets are good at convening and distributing resources.

Based on the model of the ancient bazaar, Critical Practice will organise a Market of Ideas in which 'stalls' staffed by artists, anthropologists, economists and others exchange their knowledge with the milling crowd.

Participants: (see our wish list):

Over the weekend around 80 people will be seeking food and refreshment. Meeting those needs may be too much to ask but we might compile a map and list of places to go.

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