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Coordinator: Neil Cummings, Marsha Bradfield,
Members: Amy McDonnell, Karem Ibrahim, Blanca Regina, Trish, Eva, Claire, Sissu, Catherine, Metod

Stall typology 1

We are working on a Market of Values

Markets are good at evaluating values, and communicating the results of those evaluations. While the idea of values distributed by competitive market dominate all aspects of contemporary life - including art and its education, other kinds of markets and economies exist, even flourish. Our market will be inspired by the ancient agora - a site of economic transaction and a space of political discourse. A cross between a trade fair and flea-market the Market of Values will propose, explore and implement various economies and structures of exchange, for example: a casino, a blood donation bank, an auction, a time bank, a derivatives market, various currencies, gift economies, waste streams, and many others. We imagine a flea-maket type assembly of structures, with stalls hosted by artists, economists, academics, ecologists, anthropologists, civil-society groups, pressure groups, activists and others to explore existing evaluative structures and produce new ones.

The Market of Values will be convened in a prominent public place where specifically designed 'flea-market' structures will be constructed (perhaps using recycled materials?) consisting of various stalls, and other spaces of assembly - agora, cinema, public restrooms, etc. The very process of building the structures (we estimate 14 days) will be part of the evaluative process mixing wage labour, volunteerism, co-production and the gift economy.

The market would have multiple currencies circulating, of course not all of them monetary, and as an example stalls might include:


Market stalls.jpg

The Market of Values builds on Critical Practice's ongoing interest in market structures and their self-organization, PARADE, a three-day exploration into what it means to "be in public"through a distributed event consisting of thirty-five stalls, each one featuring a different approach to 'being in public'. Practitioners, families, art-worlders, civil servants, passersby, etc. - the public produced through PARADE was as diverse as it was temporary.

What are values? How are they made manifest? How are they exchanged?

The Market of Values we will meet with diverse communities, inhabitants of particular districts, specific cultural groups and representatives of particular professions to encourage broad participation in the co-production and distribution of values.

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