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Who to invite? What do we want to do?

Do we want to invite speakers? Do we want to epresent certain value-producing systems? Please include any suggestions below:

Noortje Marres to talk about 'issue mapping'?
Natasha Degen to talk about the art market?
Auction (invite someone from an auction house? Hold an auction?)
Can we run a casino (does anyone know a croupier?)
Can we issue a 'currency' to be used at the market
The Housing Market (invite AffordableWick?) Do we invite an estate agent to participate?
Is there a way of representing all of the research carried out so far on value (for example, the walks? Invite Environmental Lawyer Rosie Oliver and Economic geographer Angus Cameron?)
Christian Nold whose work has included installing a local currency, the Bijlmer Euro in Amsterdam
Micro-finance bank a micro-finance bank could secure, and extend loans for the duration of the market
Red Cross Blood Donation As stall where a blood bank is in operation
David Graeber, anarchist anthropologist of Debt
David Harvey the most famous Marxist geographer
Matteo Pasquinelli Berlin - based critic of creative industries
Sophie Hope - artist and researcher from Birkbeck, notions of cultural democracy but also values of art
Eleanora Belfiore - researcher into values of art
Alicja Rogalska - an artist from Poland, living in London - establihsed a point to buy tears
sourcing Hackney Wick and Wick Sessions - for various initiatives and individuals working in the field
Stefano Harney - critical expertise in management studies, notions of undercommons
Kathrin Bohm - formerly Public Works - now working on Haystack sessions
Celine Condorelli - architect and researcher, worked on commons - maybe with Gavin Wade
Angus Cameron - we know him
Ronny Heiremans and Katleen Vermeir - if we wanted to make any screenings
Freee! - I think they could contribute interestingly
Kate Rich and Feral Trade
various traders - maverics - would need to go to various markets and find them
boot sales - and other forms of dumping and exchanging unused objects - could be made as a game (with some rules)
guerilla gardens - and their produces (Wick sessions?)
Mara Ferreri and QMUL research team on land values at Hackney Wick
anti-gentrification activists from the area of HW - if they would agree to come
food recycling kitchen - plenty of those these days
Folke Koebberling - might be around
The education market (representative from UAL?)
A Social Attribution Symbols of Values and Ethics: Metod to follow up on this.

Cinema Values the screening of relevant films and documentaries on value and different modes of economy

Archtecture of the Market will Andreas Lang and Public Works work with us on finding a fitting architectural form for the Market. This aspect, as the former experience shows (i.e. Parade), should not be underestimated, as it makes the real difference.

EventBug A twitter-based documentation game that amplifies events with digital archives. Rules of the game and sample of an archive. Metod to explain about this format though it requires some server space for the archive.

The Market of Values will explore the distribution of value as public knowledge, embody peer-2-peer exchange, and build communal resources. Our market as an artwork would explore the effects of art in the most vital space in culture: in the production and circulation of value.

Our market will aim at causing localised disturbances and temporary disruptions in the dominant processes of valorisation.

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