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Meeting Agenda

DATE Thursday 28th June 2012

LOCATION Royal Festival Hall

THOSE PRESENT: Neil, Karem, Sharon

APOLOGIES: Marsha, Kuba, Metod, Scott



Item 1: to embed or not to embed the google calendar

All agreed yes for Ben to install the google calendar and we monitor the security issue.

Ask Ben re maintenance. Should the wiki be cleaned and upgraded every 6 monthly or annually?


Item 2: Approving Ben's fees

All agreed yes to approving the fees for Ben. The costs are very fair.

MB, 30.6.2012: WHAT ARE THE COSTS...?? I must have missed it when away.

Ben has also mentioned the wiki workshop.

The group proposed the following themes for the workshop:

  • brief introduction to simple wiki logic, and editing
  • embedding and uploading images and videos
  • re-sizing image, general layout, style

It looks like September will be the best time for a workshop. The group noted that weekends are tricky for many CP members and that maybe a weekday afternoon that could go into early evening would be best.

ACTION: Neil to email Ben regarding his availability in September.

Item 3: Graz

Our event is on Wednesday 26th September. The overall dates for the Marathon are 21st - 28th September.

Neil will taking over the co-ordination of the group.

CP team is

Neil Karem Marsha Metod Kuba

Florian can get funding for 2 CP members, probably Karem and Marsha, Kuba is already there as is Metod (MB, 30.6.2012: he will travel from Slovenia in a car, would there be accommodation for one night?). Neil can find funding from elsewhere.

The organizers can cover the costs of two people from Critical Practice - 250 Euros honoraries p.p., travel, food and accomodation. The group discussed how the honoraries could be distributed.

One of Neil's PhD students, Sam Hopkins, is already participating in The Exchange - The Truth is Concrete and he would like to join in with CP's event.

Neil has worked on the wiki pages.

We need to decide what we are physically going to do as Kerstin from Produktions-, Gästebüro has asked what technical equipment we require. Neil proposed that he write to Kerstin to establish what kind of space we have and what is in place already. Once Neil has heard from Kerstin, he will organise a meeting for the Graz Working group.

The group discussed travelling to Graz in plenty of time before our event to give ourselves time to prepare for our event. The group discussed ways of identifying the participating groups at the event. Neil suggested that we could make a simple banner over each table. Sharon mentioned that Florian had said that we might not have much furniture and that we had also discussed having placards and soapboxes (similar to Speaker's Corner) so that each group could have a sign. If CP travel earlier to Graz they will be able to organise this. Sharon suggests: maybe CP could have an outing to Speaker's Corner one Sunday morning for inspiration?)

ACTION: Neil to write to Kerstin to ask what our space is like and what infrastructure is already in place that we can use, and organise flights/honorariums

Item 4: June Teaser now postponed to September. for "The Brokers: People, Spaces and Values" test

The June Teaser is postponed to September. The 8th of September seems to be the most popular date. The group decided to stick to that date and if one of the Brokers is not free, we find another Broker on this occasion.

Sharon told the group that Canon Mark Oakley at St Paul's has confirmed that he is not free on any Saturday in September. He would be up for collaborating on another occasion or he said that he can arrange access to the building for us if we have another speaker. Neil suggested that Giles Fraser, the Canon who resigned over the Occupy movement could be controversial. The good thing about Mark is that he has come via a personal contact. Sharon to email Mark to see if he could suggest anyone else. St Paul's is a popular choice and fits in well with the other themes of the day. It would be a shame not to include it.

The consensus is that the participating group should be small and intimate as trying to walk in a large group is difficult. About 15-20 people seems about right.

Blanca Regina, a visiting fellow at Chelsea and media artist would like to work with us to record and document the event. Blanca produced a stop animation film for Prospectus

Karem mentioned Google Glasses, glasses with a camera built in.

One suggested route is start at the Barbican with Owen, hand over at ? (where would Jack like to start), hand over at St Paul's. Finish in or around St Paul's.

There should be 5 themes (new word for questions) for the Brokers to think about. These will be given to the Brokers in advance.


  • Confirm Brokers by Sunday 8th July
  • Themes to be ready by 15th July
  • Handing over points to be decided by 15th July.
  • Themes to be sent to Brokers on 16th July along with instructions and hand over points.

Publicity is not so crucial for this first teaser because it will be intimate and invited only.


  • Marsha has already contacted Jack.
  • Kuba to contact Owen.
  • Sharon to contact Mark at St Paul's.
  • Neil to contact Blanca to confirm the 8th.
  • Sharon to also amend the dates and tidy up the wiki pages.

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)

5.1 Budget

Our remaining monies are under threat from being absorbed by the University, due to its accounting practices. Neil confirmed that CP's money has been rolled over for another year in the Universities accounts. Because he had argued that it wasn't the Universities money, it was CPs from a grant, and therefor they had no authority over it.

5.2 Documentation of Luzern

No-one has seen the documentation, and there is little evidence of the project on the wiki. Marsha has the photos.

MB, 30.6.2012 Little evidence of the Horizontality in Luzern is due to Wiki down for several months and participants: Sharon, Charlotte, Scott and Metod are fairly busy nowadays and had no time to upload the material since it came back on in its full glory. There is evidence on our Twillter accounts: @_sharonbennett, @otheragent, @ScottSchwager, @metodb under the hashtag: #Horizontality.

ACTIONS Sharon will upload a video she has edited together to Vimeo, and put some pictures on the wiki.

5.3 Meetings, practices and processes

We seem to have lapsed on our routine of monthly meetings, and in our practices and processes. Those present were keen to re-inject some energy and in September refresh our processes and practices. Maybe we could re-look at our aims and objectives. The suggestion is for CP to work together in July for the September Teaser of the Brokers project, and Graz, take a break in August when everyone is on holiday, and then restart, renergised in September.

September will be a month of working group meetings, Brokers/Graz . So from October, we will go back to the first Tuesday of the month being the CP monthly meeting ie 2nd october. It is understood that not everyone will be able to make it all the time. But we can pass on information via the wiki and if necessary we could have extra meetings when Kuba is in London. We can also make use of Skype.

ACTION: 2nd october first of monthly meetings

5.4 Egypt

Karem has contacted the guy in Egypt and sent him digital copy of Parade publication. They liked it very much. He said he would come back in a month but hasn't. We appreciate that the situation in Egypt is unsettled at the moment but they are definitely keen and maybe something will come up for next year.

5.5 Dortmund

Kuba is working on a project there and there is a possibility of using the CP market as part of the event. The date is Autumn 2013. Metod is co-ordinating the project and is going to Dortmund soon.

MB, 30.6.2012: Meeting in Dortmund is 8.-9. July. Metod is traveling to Germany and meeting Kuba in Kassel to pre-meet and fix important details before driving back to Dortmund on Sat 7. July.
MB, 30.6.2012: We need to reinstate The Market of Values - Proposal and review if proposed overall idea and details still hold its value.

5.6 publication

There was some talk a while ago of a CP publication. At the time it was thought that maybe we didn't have enough material but after Graz, Luzern and the Brokers we will have some content.

5.7 Next meeting.

To be confirmed once we have confirmation from Kerstin.

Meeting Agenda

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