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How might CP like to be involved?

Following David Cross's recent email, how about runing a series of 'roundtables' in our slot (2 - 4pm in the Triangle Space on 8th November, 2013). The 'roundtables' could be informal themed discussions, around a table, facilitated by one or more members of CP. They'd be themed around issues that were raised/generated earlier in the day. You can find the program here).

Over lunch, we could:

  • Set up the tables
  • Collectively decide what issues/concerns should be explored in each of the roundtables
  • Create signs for the tables
  • Eat lunch together

At around 2:00, we'll call the event to order, very briefly introduce CP (if there's anyone there who doesn't yet know about this) then invite everyone to join a table of their choice.

  • We'll then transact the theme in question for about 45 mins
  • pause for 10mins during which people can move to other tables.
  • Then transact some more for another 45mins
  • We'll culminate with feedback from each table, lead by each facilitator.

The format would be something like the earlier APG event at Raven Row. You can listen to the Sound Cloud resources from the day.

Who wants to be involved? (There's a £200.00 budget; monies to be prioritized for those not already paid by the UAL for doing research)

  • Scott
  • Neil
  • Amy
  • Marsha
  • (Maybe) Claire - she'll be there in an admin capacity...

Post-event evaluative reflection - a proposal:

  • What about the unconscious? Why wasn't this mentioned?

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