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<b>Appoint chair:</b> Marsha+Scott <br>
<b>Appoint co-chairs:</b> Marsha+Scott <br>
<b>Appoint Minute Taker:</b> Metod  <br>
<b>Appoint Minute Taker:</b> Metod  <br>
<b>Present:</b> Kuba, Metod, Marsha, Scott <br>
<b>Present:</b> Kuba, Metod, Marsha, Scott <br>

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Meeting Minutes

DATE Monday 3rd December 2012
LOCATION At Marsha's, Earl's Court

Appoint co-chairs: Marsha+Scott
Appoint Minute Taker: Metod
Present: Kuba, Metod, Marsha, Scott

Item 1: General Impressions

We find the trip to SSW in Aberdeenshire, Scotland extremely valuable, fruitful and productive. Marsha's prearranged schedule had many alterations and changes which was taxing for some of the participants through the working weekend. We also had communication problems before and during the weekend. We analyze how we can improve on our communication in person and through digital media. We touch upon the working group leader: whether it is appropriate to facilitate all communication between CP and the other organisation? Although there were some organisational challenges we found our working group (everybody) through out the weekend amazing to dialogue, converse and chat with. The overall feedback from people was that they loved it. But we question how we can make it better? What can we improve in the future to run smoother next time? One of the themes that run in the conversation was that we should be more disciplined. We conclude the conversations about the reading groups and that it is important and we should do it more often. The challenge is that the material arrives well in advance.

Item 2: Psychic / emotional contagion

Some of the group found it emotionally draining due to various reasons including overstretched schedules. There were some drawbacks of continuous issues with digital communication. Some of the negativity had been infectious within the group through the morning of the first workshop day (Saturday). The energy was flowing thick throughout the morning but we continued, even if there were clear disagreements how to proceed. We acknowledge that we should be more flexible. There was a lot of trust put into others which seed stressful but it was equally rich experience.

Item 3: Outcomes

We had a question flowing: How will this trip be a research trip? Some question if it was a research even if we were not adding any new knowledge to the field, where others reply why does there always need to be a new addition to the field?! We agree that we were developing "new knowledge in common", but are quick to question that as well: what does new knowledge in common mean? But we come to some agreement that it was a transmission of knowledge rather than generating new knowledge. It create an edge, it creates a resistance which is valuable. We ask if we have the research questions that came out of the weekend? We talk about the commons. "You cannot eat the wiki, but it is certainly valuable for something else." We talk about the commons in Lumsden and what would they do with it if they acquire it. What would it be used for? We agree it would be a collective good, but we should de-romenticise the commons...

Item 4: Value

We find value in: people that we talked with, their knowledge and experience of living in the land. We find immense value in what organisations in that rural area is doing: SSW – supporting local, national and international artists, Deveron Arts – and its Town is the Venue... This brings us to the neighbor and, who is the neighbor, who is the landowner... We conclude that our research on value is generally vague. Although there are many kinds of values we are often drawn to a particular kind of value.

At this instance Marsha points out that we were approached by people at Merzabu in Lake District and questions why didn't we accept their invitation?

Item 5: Where do we go from here?

We are hesitant to say anything concrete as we are waiting for things to clear within the CP...

Item 6: Expenses

We deal with all the paperwork and urge everybody to do their part to get reimbursed. We leave it here.

Item 7: Putting the Wiki page to bed

Some of the members soldier on and exchange files.

Meeting brakes up just after midnight. Metod leaves, but has sent images through the email beforehand. You can see it at Marsha's flicker account. Items 8 and AOB are not discussed.

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