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Coordinated by Cinzia Cremona.
Working Group: Neil Cummings; Marsha Bradfield; Ian Drysdale; Trevor Giles.

The general function of the Self Representation working group is to promote collective, self-reflective practice.
As Critical Practice constitutes practice as well as fostering distinct projects, this working group's objective is to produce concepts, environments and artifacts useful for the purposes of elaborating on CP's inner dynamics, development and promotion.

See also communication guidelines.

Past Projects

File:MrSolo.JPG Critical Practice Song Workshop
Coordinated by Trevor Giles in collaboration with Mikey Georgeson a.k.a. Mr. Solo

The Critical Practice Publication, Issue 1 gives a snapshot of Critical Practice's activities as of July 2007. Email us to request a hard copy. A PDF can be downloaded from

Proposed Projects

Be Prepared!
Each Practitioner has a different image of Critical Practice and a different agenda when talking about it. It may be productive to share these. See Elevator Pitch (Proposal) for the basic outline.

Presentations on CP

To Chelsea research students - amend this for other situations

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