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Our [[initial thoughts]] on Sustainability here ...
Our [[initial thoughts]] on Sustainability here...<br>
Tim's [[Hub Notes]]
Tim's [[Hub Notes]]<br>
Meshing with [[PermaCultures]] a programme at Space Studios

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Coordinated by Neil Cummings

Working Group Cinzia Cremona and Marsha Bradfield

Mission Statement (draft)

If creativity is the "oil of the 21st Century", what are the conditions necessary to nurture it?

The aim of this project is to explore what the discourses of 'sustainability' 1* might reveal about creativity, creative practices, and the structures that support them.

We understand Sustainability as:
meeting the needs of an individual or community in the present, without compromising the ability of future generations or communities to meet their own needs.


  1. We aim to move beyond the conventional terms of material resources, energy and waste.
  2. We aim to replace the logic of thrift and scarcity with abundance and generosity.
  3. We aim to build sustainable resources for individuals and communities to sustain creativity.
  4. We aim to explore the interactions of (for example) money, friendship, law, profit, generosity, obligation, present/future benefits.............
  5. We aim to ensure that the conduct and outcome of our research is itself sustainable.


  1. We intend to build knowledge resources about strategies of sustainability already in circulation by engaging existing organizations and creative individuals in workshops and seminars.
  2. We intend to seek partners to test together hybrid modes of sustainabilty of creative practices and of resources of different natures.
  3. We intend to redistribute the knowledge gathered and produced through conferences and performative events, collaborations, projects, etc.

Case Studies

We would like to map an ecology of sustainable creativity

  • Case Studies are organizations or individuals that we would like to research.


Sustainability itself expects to 'create value'

  • Partners are those with whom the project shares or compounds that value.


What it says on the tin

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By 19th January 2009 we will:

  • Finalise the mission statement
  • Collate a list of organizations/case studies we would like to explore
  • Compile a list of people / partners / organizations to help nurture the project
  • claim responsibility for contacting the above
  • draft a letter for support/partnerships

Next Meeting

11th December 2008

agenda and minutes

See minutes from previous meetings


Our initial thoughts on Sustainability here...
Tim's Hub Notes

Meshing with PermaCultures a programme at Space Studios