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Coordinated by Neil Cummings

Working Group Cinzia Cremona, Trevor Giles and


Grew from our Big Ideas brainstorming, and we initially discussed these topics

  1. Is art reproduced through a competitive market sustainable?
  2. How can art be subject to the discourses of sustainability?

energy, resources, materials, but also things like generosity and volunteering

  1. How can we/do we sustain best practices?
  2. How to sustain the activity that makes Critical Practice what it is - a reflexive structure for collaboration?
  3. Should we strive to maintain Critical Practice, if it's based on 'free' work?
  4. Self-organising groups tend to run on generosity and good will, often leading to exhaustion and 'burn-out'. The question is, how can self-organising groups take responsibility for the things that sustain them?

Our interest in sustainability resonates with other themes and ideas within Critical Practice like Wellbeing, A Market of ... it also links to an emergent interest in Care of the Self and a biology of collaboration.

A Mission Statement

This is intended to illuminate potential partners as to the who? what? where? why? how?

The term is much used and abused, what definition do we offer, or what do we mean by 'Sustainability'?
avoiding a negative impact? Stability - a desire for stasis? This is perhaps a somewhat naiive and Conservative ambition, almost suburban/Daily Mail in its values. Maintenance of change - a desire to manage something chaotic (in the scientific sense) and unmanageable?

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pending actions

  • Write a 'Mission Statement'
  • Think about possible partners

See minutes from previous meetings

Next Meeting

Thursday 30th October, 5pm–8ish

  • Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6LA, to review the developing Sustainability 'mission statement' and 'what next?'.
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