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Tarde, Latour: An attempt at applying some of the ideas presented by Bruno Latour, since they seemed to resonate with what is going on with economics, culture, CP and the Festival of Europe. To be honest I feel a little out of my depth and it may not come across too clearly, or even hold together. - Trevor

note 1 - Within this composite of 'the connected' each monad (individual) is performative, determined by binding externalities (Durkheim, Foucault). Within Critical Practice we can recognise these components as values binding individuals.

not sure how Latour theorises the individual - perhaps as another composite, but what are the components? - Trevor
I thought that Tarde's and Durkheim's views where opposite and mutually exclusive - Cinzia

2 - We've got values crossing over all the time, in flux, as one might say. There seems to be a confusing slippage between the 'roles' of any of these characters, where an element of the theory can be component, composite or connector. This may be because the situation is so fluid/dynamic and difficult to consider as a static moment. Possibly the reason economist model. - Trevor

note 3 - I'm struggling to think through the agency of the individual - what can one do - which would to me locate the value of the session. If the individual is constructed of externalities how can they consciously change and strengthen any particular social 'connector'? - Trevor

note 4 - (I thought I had understood it at the time, but now I am not sure about what he meant exactly) Cinzia