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After reading the Michael A. Lebowitz text I was thinking about the rationale for economics-as-subject and the agency of the individual that came together at Bruno Latour's lecture. This caused me to interpret the Market for Ideas as a venue for distributing 'social development tools' - something mentioned by Alexander at an early discussion. It ties in with Critical Practice aim to see public funds invested in social goods/resources. So, what tools might we support and possibly pay to see distributed as an investment in social capital?

  • A Linux operating system (how do we do this without helping someone 'extract' value from the Linux community?)
  • Other values-oriented projects

Does this adequately operate where capital is 'on strike' (which I take to mean 'sees no profit or benefit to investment')?

Additionally, is it appropriate to try and monitor any change in 'the social' in order to return it as value-added via the RAE? This attempt to track the intrinsic social market can be presented as a stall itself (though it seems like a horrible area to work in due to ill-feeling with regard to instrumentalisation).--Trevor 14:57, 16 February 2008 (UTC)