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Textiles, Labour, Protest and Value

(eg. End of Spectatorship)
Event 2: Textiles, Labour, Protest and Value
Screening and Banner-making workshop

5.30pm - 8.30pm Saturday 24th May

Bread and Roses
68 Clapham Manor Street
http://www.breadandrosespub.com/ 020 7498 1779
Hosted by Critical Practice Research Cluster

Join us for a screening of The Women of Brukman (2007). Amidst Argentina's financial crisis, self-organised textile workers takeover and manage a factory. Our relation to this documentary will not be passive. We will stitch in solidarity, collectively sewing a banner that captures our shared values in response to those explored on screen. Please bring any fabric you can contribute, this will go into making the banner, actively demonstrating recycling as a value.
Textiles, Labour, Protest and Value is the second in Critical Practice’s series DIFFERENTLY SCREENING

Critical Practice is a cluster of individual artists, researchers, academics and others who aim to support critical practice within art, the fields of culture and organisation.

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Suggested Images

Alt text
Graffiti from outside the factory

Alt text
Workers voting

Alt text
in the factory

Alt text
workers protesting

Alt text


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Graffiti from outside the factory

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Workers voting

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in the factory

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workers protesting

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