TransActing: A Market of Values Publication

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Neil challenges us in our 9th February meeting to frontload some important thinking about the publication:

  • Who is it for?
  • What are we producing it?
  • How will we manage it's printing/distribution, etc.?

Some thoughts by Metod based on current knowledge and previous experience:

  • Are we doing a publication separate to the event or alongside it, but publish it afterwards? Parade was separate, but minutes on the 9. Feb suggest alongside the Market.
  • Are we producing the publication independent from Chelsea? This will determine how much I will get involved in the publication (this is based on experience).
  • Should the publication be tied in with the curatorial pack, invitations, market promotion and its material material, and market visuals? If so then we need to start thinking about market's visual look and feel now. Should I begin designing basics?